As we look out over the wintery landscape right now, it seems a great time to share photos of some happy families we photographed last year around Milwaukee when the grass was green and the sun was much more frequent!

We love that one of our specialties is family photography, and we’re especially proud that many of our former wedding couples come to us when it’s time for family portraits. It feels like a bit of a family reunion for us, and we get to see how their family grows… such an honor!

So, when is the best time to do family photos here in Milwaukee? The short answer is whenever you can get everyone together!  Family photos are about connections.  The time of the season only matters if you have a specific look or aesthetic in mind for your portraits. We focus on creating timeless family photos that show your family’s connection and love.

And as far as location goes, we can make great photos for our clients anywhere! We’ve crafted a Client Magazine that we provide before the session to give you ideas on what to wear, pre-session tips and some location inspiration. We’re happy to talk with you to help you choose an awesome location with a variety of backdrops.

Our sessions are relaxed and fun, and we capture a range of photos from classic to more creative compositions. We know that for many of our families, having a photo of multiple generations is really important, so we’re sure to talk through all the different groupings you’d like before your session. And, of course, your furry family members are always welcome!

We believe in letting kids be kids so their personalities really shine through in the photos!  Sitting and smiling can be hard for some kids, so we try to really make it fun for them by getting everyone involved in walking or playing. These are often the photos our clients love the most! 

Here in Wisconsin, we have the advantage of four seasons to work with, each having a different look and feel for photos:

Spring: When the snow clears, and we get that first whiff of “springtime air,” it’s as exciting as the Packers making the playoffs. We love photographing in the spring because the light is soft, the grass and trees have that lovely shade of just-new green, and the sweet-smelling blossoms are so welcomed. It’s a time of new beginnings, longer days and a great opportunity to capture your family enjoying the fresh air together. One of our favorite places for family photos in the spring is Whitnall Park (as well as Boerner Botanical Gardens there).

Summer: Though sometimes too brief for our liking, summer in Milwaukee is magnificent. The entire city seems to come alive with festivals, BBQs and Brewers games! Summer is a popular time for family photos because the kids are out of school and schedules are more relaxed. If people are coming into town for a vacation or family reunion, this is a great time to get on our schedule for photos. The long days during summer mean we can photograph much later in the day, which is helpful for people who work until 5 or 6. Some great locations for family photos in the summer are Hubbard Park, Greendale Village, the Third Ward, Milwaukee’s Lakefront (including Downtown near Discovery World, South Shore Park, Grant Park, etc.) and Lake Park.

Fall: Is there anything better than a 70-degree full-color fall day in Wisconsin? While we can’t promise you that kind of weather, we can tell you that fall photos are wildly popular… because we all love fall :) Besides the changing leaves, the quality of the light is ethereal and golden in the latter part of the day, and family photos taken at this time (photographers call it “the golden hour”) are magical. The textures of the trees and the fading foliage add a lot of interest and dimension to the photos, and there are many places to have photos taken that are unique. In the fall, some of the places we love photographing families are Humboldt Park, Riverside Park/Urban Ecology Center and even a Pumpkin Farm!

Winter: Here’s something you may not have thought of: family photos in the winter can be done right in your home. In your familiar, cozy home, the images that result can be very personal. This is especially true if your parents are thinking of downsizing and selling the family home you grew up in, for example. Having a photo of all of you in this special place can be a great memory for everyone. A family doesn’t need to be a large grouping of people, either!  It can be just you and your kids cuddled up in bed or on the couch. Showing the connections you have in those meaningful places is what we love to photograph.

No matter where or what season you choose to have your family portraits taken in Milwaukee (or surrounding areas), we’re happy to consult with you and talk more about your family photo experience!

Thank you to all of our 2019 clients… we’re so honored to be your family photographer!