A family begins when two people connect… and when families expand, love expands around them. Maternity and Newborn Sessions are such a joyful celebration for us and our clients, and last year we photographed so many new bumps and babes!

For maternity photos, showing the connection between you and the life that is growing inside you, your partner or your surrogate, while on the precipice of parenthood is what we’re all about.

Pregnancy is highly personal; some couples want maternity photos to have a goddess-mama kind of vibe, and others want something more subdued. We also love including pets and, of course, your new little one’s sibling(s) in the session, too! The goal for maternity sessions is that when your child sees these photos years later, they feel that they were loved before they were ever born. A lot of our mamas are also feeling a bit uncomfortable in their ever-changing bodies, and we love when they see their photos and feel AMAZING about themselves. It’s a boost of confidence that every mama deserves.

We can capture maternity photos wherever you’d like- we love talking with you to help you choose a location that says something about you. If your favorite thing on a Sunday is to walk down the block for brunch in Bay View and enjoy your neighborhood, we’re happy to capture you with some great urban backdrops and maybe take advantage of the awesome murals in the area, for example. Or if you’re nature-loving and due in the Spring, we’ll let you know the best Milwaukee County Park to capture you surrounded by the blooming magnolia trees. The possibilities are endless!

Some of our favorite locations from 2019 were Swan’s Pumpkin Farm (Caledonia), Urban Ecology Center/Riverside Park (Milwaukee), Grant Park’s Seven Bridges (South Milwaukee), Greendale Village, Swing Park (Milwaukee’s East Side) and Emerald Preserve Park (Oak Creek).

After maternity photos, it’s soon time for your newborn photos! For our newborn sessions, we don’t rely on lots of props or intricate posing because, again, we think the beauty lies in the connection between your family.

Showing those sweet little fingers and toes is definitely part of it, and beyond that, we love the photos that tell an entire story in a glance. As the saying goes, “the days are long but the years are short.” It’s important to us that you can look at your newborn photos years later and feel how you felt holding this tiny, precious person in your arms. And capturing a new sibling connection is another beautiful thing to look back on in the years to come.

Our newborn sessions take place in the comfort and convenience of your home. If you’re a new parent, you might quickly find that getting a shower in for yourself is a feat, much less getting everyone fed, clothed, and packed up and out of the house for photos. This is one of the many reasons we love in-home sessions!

Another advantage of in-home sessions is that Baby is in their own environment. This means plenty of time for snuggles and feedings with less overstimulation and distractions. It also allows us to capture some really beautiful moments like feedings, soothing your little-one’s cooing cries and also capturing the special nursing relationship of Mama and Babe. These can be some of the sweetest memories later on.

For toddlers, in-home sessions can be much less stressful for them as they’re transitioning to a new role in the family. We like to have fun with them, make them feel special and also give them breaks. Having their own toys and familiar things around means that we can get some of those genuine smiles and giggles that we want, and they can also occupy themselves, chill or have a snack while we’re focusing on different groupings. The same goes for our furry friends; they always act more like themselves when they are in their safe and happy home with “their people.”

To all of our couples who shared the joy of their new family members with us in 2019, we thank you so much for allowing us to document this important time of your life!

If your family is expanding in 2020, we’d love to talk to you about a maternity or newborn session ♥