Here’s something to bring us all some joy right now… PUPPIES!!! This last summer we had the pleasure of photographing TEN Irish Wolfhound puppies at the E Family’s portrait session! Being pounced on, snuggled and kissed by puppy after puppy was pretty much the best! One of the little sweeties and I really bonded, too… it was hard leaving her behind! haha

I loved capturing all the puppiness- them running out of the house to race to their food, crowding around their big food dishes, frolicking around the yard, wrestling with each other, playing in their tents and tunnels, splashing in the pool, asking for belly-rubs and then falling into a deep sleep in the sunlit grass.

Once the pups were worn out, we got some photos of them with Pam, Rock,¬†Messi and Eskedar, too. What a fun evening it was at “Irish Wolfhound Place!”