It was so much fun getting to know Luke and his family! We felt really honored that they made the drive from Beaver Dam to work with Reminisce, and our team photographer, Jadon, had a blast photographing Luke’s senior pictures around Downtown Milwaukee. Jadon even squeezed in a couple of family photos to mark the special occasion of Luke graduating from High School, too!

Luke is a fellow creative and loved the idea of capturing some of his favorite things about Downtown Milwaukee. We were happy to help come up with a game plan that fit his vision, and they started around Discovery World and the Milwaukee Art Museum before heading to Black Cat Alley.

Luke loves all things Disney, collecting vinyl records, music, and all kinds of art including photography, and Jadon had a great time incorporating his interests to personalize his photos.

While we’re sorry that Luke didn’t get the high school graduation he and his family always envisioned due to the pandemic, we hope these photos help mark such a special occasion and a great achievement. Congratulations, Luke, and we wish you all the best as you pursue a career in film production!