Here at Reminisce we believe:
Love is Love
Black Lives Matter
Science is Real
Feminism is for Everyone
Humans are not Illegal
Kindness is Everything

“Since 1988, Pridefest has been a safe place for people to celebrate the Pride movement and exercise their individuality, race, culture and what Pride means to them. June 1 is also the beginning of Pride Month where we take extra time and steps to celebrate the progress, diversity and individuality of the LGBTQ+ community. This year, there may not be a festival – but now, more than ever, we must remember the importance of standing up AND continue to speak out against injustices, prejudices, and barriers that divide and hurt our communities of color.” –

We are allies. We see you, we value you and we love you as fellow humans.

It means more than we can say when we receive inquiries like these:

“My name is Amy and I found your information on our venue’s list of preferred vendors. I don’t think I’ve smiled this much looking at any other photographer’s work. You really capture the little moments that create a lens into the lives of the people you shoot, and that’s what we’re looking for. Beyond that, I really REALLY like the diversity of your photos available for viewing. It didn’t really click that something was missing from other photographers’ websites until I saw yours and you can just feel through the galleries that you’re open-minded people, accessible. That really resonates with me and I’d love to hear more about your availability and pricing structures for our wedding.”

And more importantly, we love that our diverse body of potential clients can look at our photos and see themselves in them. They can email us and not have to ask if we have experience photographing LGBTQ+ folks, if we have experience getting the right exposure for people of color, contrasting skin tones for interracial couples, etc.

We want to continue doing everything we can to be good allies. And part of that includes a portion of our sales being donated to both Voices for Racial Justice and the MKE LGBT Community Center this month.

Much love,
Our Team at Reminisce