Vote for your favorite image! The poll is at the bottom of this post :) You may vote once per 24 hour period. Voting ends Monday, February 2nd at Midnight.

What the photos with the most votes will receive:

1st Place: $100 Etsy Gift Card AND 60-minute Portrait Session with us + $100 Print Credit*

2nd Place: $50 Etsy Gift Card AND 30-minute Portrait Session with us + $50 Print Credit*

3rd Place: $25 Etsy Gift Card AND 30-minute Portrait Session with us + $25 Print Credit*

* Session may be transferred to another party by notifying us via email. Must be redeemed by 12/31/15, subject to availability. Sessions take place Monday – Thursday.

It was so much fun watching our clients campaign for their photos to win last year, and we received about 1,400 votes! From mass-facebook-voting-invitations, to frequent status updates, wall posts to their friends and adorable emails, our winners were definitely proactive about bringing in the votes for their photo! Hope everyone has as much fun with it this year, too :)

We’re excited to see which wedding photo is voted as the Best of 2014! Be sure to check out our Best Wedding Portraits of 2014, too :)

A huge thank you goes out to all of our clients (portrait, wedding and commercial)! We are honored that you chose us as your photographers, and we look forward to continuing the relationship!


~Miranda & Adam


Voting ends Monday, February 2nd at Midnight.

The poll is at the bottom of this post :)

The fine print: The poll keeps track of how many times you vote per day by logging your IP address. If you are voting from a workplace where multiple people/computers share the same IP address, unfortunately only one person will be able to vote from work that day. To make your vote count, simply vote from home or your mobile device. We are not liable for any technical difficulties with this pole. The main purpose of this contest is FUN, so please keep that in mind :)

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