It’s time to (pardon the pun) Reminisce and bid 2019 farewell. 

As we all get used to writing 2020, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite photos of 19 weddings and engagements from last year (including a real PROPOSAL and a couple of themed shoots*). We’re calling these our 19 of ’19 – just a taste of some of the images we’ve made for these fantastic couples on their big days, as well as a few of our favorite engagement photos for our upcoming 2020 wedding clients. 

As we look through these photos, what makes us really happy is that all of our couples came to us because they wanted creative, expressive images that really showed their personalities and love for each other.

But along with that, they wanted their photos to capture more:

They Love Light, Shadow, and Emotion

Without sounding too braggy, we believe our clients value photography differently; they want photos that are creative and not cookie cutter. They don’t want their photos to look like every other photo they see on social media.

They want photos that not only capture their personalities; they want them to be something they would hang on their wall as an art piece. We always want to make photos for our clients that are visually interesting as well as emotional.

Our clients trust us. When we say, “We swear, it’ll look amazing!” they believe us! (They might laugh at us suggesting a photo in a parking structure, but they know it’s somehow just what they were looking for!)

They Want Photos of Their Loved Ones as Much as they Want Photos of Themselves

The couples who hire us are excited about having everyone they love all together for their wedding.

I mean, think about how cool that is. It happens so few times in your life! Our clients want their photos not only to show their love for each other but to celebrate the people in their lives.

Along with the posed photos, we are always concentrating on the candid moments of your family and friends at your wedding enjoying your day.

When you look back at your wedding photos years later, we want you to go straight back to that feeling of everyone you love being around you.

They Love Milwaukee!

Reminisce clients have a whole lot of love for Milwaukee, this big little city of ours. Like us, they have so many connections to the city and love to show it off. They want to incorporate the “Smallwaukee Love” into their wedding and engagement photos!

And speaking of Milwaukee: our clients love that our portfolio celebrates the diversity of this awesome place we call home- including Reminisce being a proud member and allied business of the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Where do we photograph all our great couples? From iconic locations overlooking the cityscape to strolling around a park, we love making photos for our clients in places that make the city special for them.

Some of our favorite locations for photos around town for engagement and wedding photos are the Third Ward, various hotels like The Iron Horse and The Journeyman, the plethora of beautiful Milwaukee County Parks like Riverside Park and Grant Park’s Seven Bridges, the stunning lakefront views by Discovery World and The Milwaukee Art Museum, flower-filled spots like Boerner Botanical Gardens, Milwaukee’s picturesque RiverWalk… ok, this list is getting long because we love MKE so much, but you get the idea!

But it doesn’t even have to be a recognizable part of the city.  Wherever a special place is, be it a corner coffee shop where you like to sip lattes on a quiet Sunday morning, or a session inside your cozy home or apartment… we are all about creating meaningful photos in the places you love the most.

They Are Excited about their Wedding and Even More Excited About Being Married

A wedding is a big deal, a meaningful symbol, and a once-in-a-lifetime party, and we are here for that!

However, marriage is something entirely different.

Let’s get real; capturing photos of your cake, your cocktail napkins and your floral is not the hardest part of our job. Don’t get me wrong- we know you’ve spent a lot of time choosing them, and we take care to capture interesting and beautiful photos of your wedding details.

But the clients who hire us want more than pretty photos of shoes and accessories- they want us to document the start of their commitment to each other, their marriage.

They want to see the looks on their parents’ faces when they say their vows and the way their grandparents hold hands. These tiny moments on a wedding day are fleeting. They don’t stand still like a cake does.

We’re excited to capture all the parts of a wedding day, but the moments that especially endure will be the emotion and love that brought you together. 

We are so grateful to our 2019 clients for allowing us to capture these moments for them. Cheers to 2020!

If you’re getting engaged or married in 2020 or 2021 and want heartfelt, meaningful photos like these, let’s chat!

*Credits for the Styled Shoots:
Vendors at River Room Shoot
Vendors at Charles Allis Shoot
Vendors at Story Hill FireHouse Shoot