Val and Grant celebrated their 5 year anniversary with their engagement session! The two of them have one of the most serendipitous stories in how they met: Val was in college and doing a fundraiser for the Air Force. Her dad was in the Air Force while she was growing up, so it holds an extra special place in her heart. She wrote a random letter, and Grant got it… they soon started writing each other back and forth! Letters turned to texts, texts to phone calls, calls to visits, and here we are! 💓

Speaking of serendipity, they wanted some lovey Fall photos and we suggested Hubbard Park. Turns out, that’s where Val’s parents had their wedding photos taken!

We had such a great evening together, and the park was the perfect backdrop for their snuggles and sweetness. Afterward, we headed to Milwaukee’s lakefront for some photos with the downtown cityscape. We love how the nighttime photos added an extra element of romance to their photos.

Congratulations, Val and Grant! We can’t wait for your wedding 😁