Yeimidy & Michael were set to get married this October until COVID-19 came into the mix. They ended up deciding to postpone their vision for a larger wedding and have an intimate outdoor wedding at their Milwaukee home in the meantime. They were surrounded by close family & friends in their backyard with the comforts of sunshine, a tent, adorable furry babies running around – their dogs, Bulleit and Hazel – and food, drink and flowers.

Our team photographer, Riitta, captured their special afternoon, and she loved how care-free and love-filled their wedding was and how everyone was having such a great time. We also love all the color, string lights, table runners and sunflowers (which they grow every year together)… personal touches at the most personal of spaces. It’s going to be so special for them to look out the window or hang out in their backyard and so easily be able to Reminisce about their wedding and such a special day 💗

Congratulations, Yeimidy & Michael! We’re so happy for you and the beautiful day you had!